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This platform helps you find a recognised Recupel partner for the recycling or re-use of your old electronics at market prices.

Post your old electro-appliances on Smartloop in just a few clicks: simple, free and available 24/7!

What is Smartloop?

A smart solution for all your discarded e-appliances

Looking to get rid of your old pc's, refrigerators, tools, coffee machines and other electro-appliances in no time and in accordance with the applicable legislation? Smartloop is the ideal solution. Developed by Recupel, this online platform brings you into contact with recognised e-waste haulers.

Post your old appliances on Smartloop in just a few clicks: simple, free and available 24/7. You agree on a price and a collection date with the e-waste hauler of your choice who picks up your e-appliances at your place of business.

Earth needs its raw materials back

Smartloop saves time

Do you have a pile of discarded e-appliances gathering dust on your workplace? But you lack the time or the possibility to dispose of it? Smartloop is the shortest route to proper processing. Get rid of your old electronic appliances in no time: saving time is always a bonus.

Truly put sustainable entrepreneurship into practice

With Smartloop you are helping the circular economy to grow. The recognised e-waste recyclers extract valuable components and raw materials from your old appliances and reinsert them into the economy, reducing the need for traditional mining.

You can indicate whether you feel your e-waste is suitable for re-use. All data is erased and the appliances are given a second life via the re-use centers. If you prefer to recycle them then select the second option. You can even request a destruction certificate, guaranteeing that your e-waste was properly processed.

Use of the platform is free

Requesting a pick-up is free of charge. You agree on a price with the hauler based on volume, the type of material and the cost of transport. If you’re offering large volumes or e-waste containing a lot of valuable components (e.g. laptops) then you may even make some profits out of it. Prices are in line with market prices and negotiated directly with the hauler. Recupel is not involved in this process.

Earth needs its raw materials back

How does Smartloop work?

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